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Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update – August 2020

Hello, it has been a week or two since my last post. I have been enjoying some holidays which made me less productive. Gladly, I am back at it again with another monthly update. Let’s take a look at my portfolio update for August of 2020! Don’t forget that you can always find an up to date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page. Portfolio overview I… Read More »Portfolio Update – August 2020

Portfolio Update July 2020

Portfolio Update – July 2020

Hello, fellow investing enthusiasts. Another month has passed and I am back at it again with another portfolio update for July 2020. It was a very decent month with some nice gains in the cryptocurrency port of my portfolio. Let’s take a look! Don’t forget that you can always find an up to date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page. Portfolio overview Every investment category… Read More »Portfolio Update – July 2020

Portfolio Update – June 2020

Another month, a little bit more wealth! Slow and steady wins the race. It was again not a super exciting month, investment- wise. I stuck to my plan like I should and reached a personal milestone of having €10.000 in the stock market! Let’s take a closer look at the numbers! Don’t forget that you can always find an up to date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio… Read More »Portfolio Update – June 2020

Portfolio Update – May 2020

This month was nothing super crazy portfolio wise. I stuck to my plan as I should, so we keep on investing! A lot of people are scared of a second big drop in the stock market though. I don’t think that should be a reason to stand on the sidelines. I think consistency is key when it comes to (passive) investing, so that is what I’ll keep on doing! Don’t… Read More »Portfolio Update – May 2020

Portfolio Update – April 2020

These markets are crazy. This month was as good as last month was bad. All major markets have seen stimuli from their respective governments. This could perhaps be the reason why the stock market has bounced back so hard. What we also can not forget is that the stock market usually is ahead of the current economic circumstances. This could mean that investors believe that this economic meltdown will be… Read More »Portfolio Update – April 2020

Portfolio Update – March 2020

What a month!! Hello everyone. March has been a crazy month. We have weathered some of the biggest daily gains and losses the market has ever seen. Some of you might be scared and understandably so. I have taken the opportunity to buy some more shares as well as cryptocurrencies while they were at lower price points. This does not mean that I think we have hit the market bottom.… Read More »Portfolio Update – March 2020

Portfolio Update – February 2020

Hello everyone. Before I’m getting into the numbers of February I want to go over some changes. From February on I’m always going to try and do a portfolio update on the last day of the month. In this case, it is the first day of the next month. This caused me to already have invested most of my budget from my February paycheck. Normally this would be reported in… Read More »Portfolio Update – February 2020

Portfolio Update – January 2020

Hello everyone! First of all, happy new year to all of you. Let’s make it a great year in which we invest a lot of money! Nothing really interesting happened this month so let’s get straight into the overview! I think as of now I’m going to start and put the portfolio overview of each month into the blog post as well. This way people can go back to a… Read More »Portfolio Update – January 2020

Portfolio Update – December 2019

Hello, this is my portfolio update for the month of December. At the moment I normally get payed at the end of the month. I try to send out my hard earned money to the different investment platforms right away so I can put my money to work as soon as possible. For this reason I will always give a portfolio update before the month is actually over. My investments… Read More »Portfolio Update – December 2019

Portfolio Update – November 2019

This is my first ever blog entry so bear with me on my journey were I (hopefully) learn to make great content. Advise and feedback are always appreciated, so if you have any leave them in the comments down below. Lets get started! I think that i’ll try to make some sort of template for my monthly portfolio updates. This way the layout will stay familiar so we can all… Read More »Portfolio Update – November 2019


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