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April 2020

Portfolio Update – April 2020

These markets are crazy. This month was as good as last month was bad. All major markets have seen stimuli from their respective governments. This could perhaps be the reason why the stock market has bounced back so hard. What we also can not forget is that the stock market usually is ahead of the current economic circumstances. This could mean that investors believe that this economic meltdown will be… Read More »Portfolio Update – April 2020

P2P Lending Update – I’ve Decided to Stop

Good day everyone. If you have read some of my posts already, you know that I always try to be as transparent as possible. I’m writing this post for exactly that reason. Once I make an investment decision I’ll try to put it up here. Let’s cut to the chase: I decided to completely stop with P2P Lending investing. Reasons The crisis that is currently going on in the world… Read More »P2P Lending Update – I’ve Decided to Stop

Blog Update – March 2020

Hello everyone, long time no see. Sitting inside all day clearly made me less productive. This has caused me to lose motivation which you can see by the number of posts in the last three weeks. Luckily I am excited to start picking things up again. I even started jogging! That was enough talking about my personal life, let’s get into the blog numbers of March! The numbers In March… Read More »Blog Update – March 2020


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