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Blog Update – March 2020

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Hello everyone, long time no see. Sitting inside all day clearly made me less productive. This has caused me to lose motivation which you can see by the number of posts in the last three weeks. Luckily I am excited to start picking things up again. I even started jogging! That was enough talking about my personal life, let’s get into the blog numbers of March!

The numbers

In March I got 632 unique visitors of which 572 were new users. The number of sessions (aka website visits) I got was 1047. This means that some users came to my website more than once for an average of 1.66 sessions per user

These numbers are not much different from February which I don’t think is bad at all. I have around 20 people visiting my site each day according to these numbers. You can see two big outliers. These were days were I tried helping someone on Reddit by linking to one of my posts. I will not do this in April so we will see how much it changes the results

The amount of single-page views I got comes down to 1909. This means that the average users visits 1.82 pages on my website before leaving. 

In comparison to February my single-page views stayed roughly the same as well.

The time spend on my blog for each user is a little more than 2 minutes. This average will probably not differ much from month to month. Last months had around the same average time spend per user.

The last important number is the Bounce Rate. This percentage lets you know the amount of time people leave after only seeing one page. The lower this number gets, the better. This month the bounce rate of my blog was around 70%.

Single page views

This image speaks mostly for itself. My best performing post is still The perfect ETF portfolio followed by Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs. My home page and my actual Portfolio are still fairly popular as well!. 

Blog posts and interactions

The last numbers I want to talk about are the ones showing my output and the interactions I get on my blog posts. The number of posts I made in March came to a total of 5. If I could get to that number every month I would be quite happy. Let’s see if I can manage to still accomplish that in April!

Let’s see how many people commented! Before, I always tried to only count initial comments. This is getting more and more difficult since I’m getting more comments around all posts. Right now I’m counting all comments. This also includes me answering to the comments. The total amount of comments this month was 22. Which brings the grand total to 71.

Since last month people are able to subscribe to my blog and get updates when I put out new blog posts. In March 1 more person subscribed. This brings the total amount of subscribers up to 8

You will be able to find an overview of the most important monthly numbers on the Entrepreneurship page.

Do you want any other information or numbers about the performance of the blog? Do not hesitate to ask me!

Let’s see where we are next month!

Blog updates

I like the amount of post I wrote in March. If I manage to do one post every week I would be happy. Not much has changed to the blog during last month. I did notice that I only got one new subscriber though. This could be caused by the fact that I removed the pop-up that asked people to subscribe. I don’t like these pop-ups myself so I didn’t want to have them anymore. People can still subscribe on the bottom of every post though!

Thanks for reading!

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