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My cryptocurrency portfolio mostly involves Bitcoin With some EthereumLitecoin, and Ripple as diversification. The amount I have invested in cryptocurrencies compared to my total portfolio is way too high right now. This is why I only invest €100 each month into Bitcoin at the moment. I do not buy €100 at once but I buy €10 every three days to dollar cost average even more. I buy my Bitcoin on Coinbase and transfer occasionally to my hardware wallet to keep them even safer. 

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What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency/asset) which was invented in 2008. The person or group behind the invention was using the name


What Does the Bitcoin Halving Mean

Good day, my fellow investing enthusiasts. Today I want to talk about an important occurrence in the cryptocurrency space. The Bitcoin halving event. This will


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The chances are quite high you are reading this post using one of the most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Opera… Nothing wrong


Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

Hello, In this post i’m going to try and make a case for why you should start Bitcoin investing. Before I start of I want