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March 2020

Portfolio Update – March 2020

What a month!! Hello everyone. March has been a crazy month. We have weathered some of the biggest daily gains and losses the market has ever seen. Some of you might be scared and understandably so. I have taken the opportunity to buy some more shares as well as cryptocurrencies while they were at lower price points. This does not mean that I think we have hit the market bottom.… Read More »Portfolio Update – March 2020

P2P Lending Update During These Difficult Times

Hello, Investing Youngsters and Investing ‘not-that-youngsters’! Let me start by saying that these are difficult times in which I hope you and your family are doing okay. The next couple of weeks, months or even years will probably not be the best humankind has seen. That being said, we WILL get through this, it just won’t be easy. I’m going to give an update on my P2P Lending portfolio. This,… Read More »P2P Lending Update During These Difficult Times

What To Do During a Market Downturn

The last couple of days, even weeks, have not been a pleasant ride at all. The Corona virus outbreak has impacted the financial market. Supply chains got interrupted due to factories being closed. Big companies like Apple and Microsoft have already announced that their first quarter results will be impacted. Oil is down drastically as well because of demand plunging. Russia and Saudi Arabia have started a price war as… Read More »What To Do During a Market Downturn

Portfolio Update – February 2020

Hello everyone. Before I’m getting into the numbers of February I want to go over some changes. From February on I’m always going to try and do a portfolio update on the last day of the month. In this case, it is the first day of the next month. This caused me to already have invested most of my budget from my February paycheck. Normally this would be reported in… Read More »Portfolio Update – February 2020

Blog Update – February 2020

Good day everyone. Another month has past so it is time to take a look at the relevant numbers for the blog. This month I haven’t been promoting the blog that much. I chose to do this, so I would be able to see how money people would land on my blog by themselves. Let us take a look at how February went! The numbers In February I got 701 unique visitors of… Read More »Blog Update – February 2020


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