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June 2021

The Rules of Investing

The Rules of Investing – A Few Things to Keep in Mind

As a young individual, you’re probably looking at various avenues that may boost your current financial position or allow you to make some serious money with the little you’ve invested. Even though this is absolutely possible, there are a few tricks of the trait you should always keep in mind. These guidelines may help you maintain a level head when you start to make decisions out of emotion instead of… Read More »The Rules of Investing – A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Portfolio Update May 2021

Portfolio Update – May 2021

Hello fellow investors, once again I only managed to put out this monthly portfolio update. I have suffered from COVID a few weeks ago which meant that I did not have a lot of energy. This together with the fact that May was the worst month for my portfolio so far, possibly made me a little less productive. I did make a couple of changes to my portfolio spreadsheet. You… Read More »Portfolio Update – May 2021


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