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January 2020

The Best Auto Invest Strategy on Mintos

In this post I am going to show you my auto invest strategy. I think that by using this strategy you will get the best diversification which will diminish your risk exposure. The more diversified you are across good loan originators the less it will hurt when one of the lending companies would default. You’ll first have to start by selecting the loan originators you want to invest in. I… Read More »The Best Auto Invest Strategy on Mintos

Portfolio Update – January 2020

Hello everyone! First of all, happy new year to all of you. Let’s make it a great year in which we invest a lot of money! Nothing really interesting happened this month so let’s get straight into the overview! I think as of now I’m going to start and put the portfolio overview of each month into the blog post as well. This way people can go back to a… Read More »Portfolio Update – January 2020

Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Let’s take a look at the difference between accumulating and distributing ETFs together with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Deciding which one you should pick will depend on your own preference but it is very likely that the tax situation in your country will have a high impact on the decision-making process. Let’s understand why! Accumulating ETFs You should be able to recognize accumulating ETFs when the name of… Read More »Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

The Best Loan Originators on Mintos

Hello, in this post I will be going through my rules when picking loan originators. With this I want to lessen the risks I am exposed to while still retaining the high returns. Of course we still want a decent list of companies since diversification is a big part of de-risking the portfolio. I will try and keep my list up to date as regularly as possible! LAST UPDATE: 15/01/2020… Read More »The Best Loan Originators on Mintos

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

Hello, In this post i’m going to try and make a case for why you should start Bitcoin investing. Before I start of I want to say the following important things. Even though at the time of writing this post I have approximately 15% of my portfolio, I do not recommend this. My goal is to get this percentage down to around 5%, which is also what I would recommend… Read More »Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

My First Month Blogging

December of 2019 was the month that I started this blog. My first ever post was made on the 9th of December and i’m so exited to see what the next year will bring for me. Not only financially but also where this blog and possible other projects will take me. Every month i’ll try to post an update on the important numbers concerning the blog (I just love numbers… Read More »My First Month Blogging


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