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June 2020

Portfolio Update – June 2020

Another month, a little bit more wealth! Slow and steady wins the race. It was again not a super exciting month, investment- wise. I stuck to my plan like I should and reached a personal milestone of having €10.000 in the stock market! Let’s take a closer look at the numbers! Don’t forget that you can always find an up to date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio… Read More »Portfolio Update – June 2020

My P2P Lending Investment Status

Good day investing youngsters (and, of course, maybe not so youngsters)! Today I’m going to give a further update on my P2P investing portfolio and its status. I’ve talked about it before, but I have decided to stop investing in P2P lending. You can read about the reasons why in this post, if you are interested. P2P Investments At its height, my P2P lending investment portfolio contained almost €1000. I… Read More »My P2P Lending Investment Status

What if an ETF gets liquidated

What If an ETF gets Liquidated

I always talk about investing in ETFs and how a big fan I am. For me, passive investing is the way to go and studies show that most people will have the best returns by choosing this investment path. You can always check this post out if you want to know the difference between investing in ETFs or picking stocks. Today I want to talk about what happens when an… Read More »What If an ETF gets Liquidated

my new project

My New Project

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new project I’m going to undertake. Finally, the website is done and I also registered my business. This means that I can actually start and try to get clients. I’m offering web design services. Later on, I want to start doing ad campaigns as well. Business The name of my website is ‘IkBouwJouwWebsite‘. This translates to ‘I build your… Read More »My New Project

Blog Update – May 2020

We are back at it again! The important blog numbers for May are here! Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the blog update! The numbers In May I got 615 unique visitors of which 584 were new users. The number of sessions (aka website visits) I got was 826. This means that some users came to my website more than once for an average of 1.34 sessions per user.  The numbers are… Read More »Blog Update – May 2020

ETF Investing vs Stock picking

Let’s take a closer look at the differences, advantages and disadvantages of ETF investing vs Stock picking for the average investor like you and me! If you don’t know what an ETF is exactly, you can take a look at this previous post I made. ETFs Advantages ETFs are a great way to get into investing. You don’t have to know the ins and outs of the stock market. It… Read More »ETF Investing vs Stock picking


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