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We are back at it again! The important blog numbers for May are here! Let’s not waste any more time and get right into the blog update!

The numbers

In May I got 615 unique visitors of which 584 were new users. The number of sessions (aka website visits) I got was 826. This means that some users came to my website more than once for an average of 1.34 sessions per user

The numbers are noticeably higher than last month. This was still done without promoting my blog in some way or another. I feel like my blog is gaining a little more traction which, of course, is a very good thing!

The amount of single-page views I got comes down to 1574. This means that the average user visits 1.91 pages on my website before leaving. 

In comparison to last month, the number of single-page views went up as well. The pages per session went down a little bit, which means that users are not checking out other pages as much. We are still keeping this number close to 2, which is probably an average we will stay at. 

The time spend on my blog for each user still stays around 2 minutes. This does not differ a lot over the months.

The last important number is the Bounce Rate. This percentage lets you know the number of times people leave after only seeing one page. The lower this number gets, the better. This month the bounce rate of my blog was 68.64%.

Single page views

These numbers still speak mostly for themselves. My best performing post is still The perfect ETF portfolio followed by Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs. My home page and my actual Portfolio are still popular as well!

My most viewed pages and posts are roughly staying the same from month to month. This is not bad at all, but it gives me the feeling that I’m not putting out new quality content. Maybe I should do my best a little more?

Blog posts and interactions

Here are the numbers showing my output and the interactions I get on my blog posts. The number of posts I made in April came to a total of 4. This is a very decent amount if I say to myself. I’m aiming at a little over one post per week. So 4-5-6 posts per month is what I want to accomplish right now.

Unfortunately, I had no new comments in the month of May. This is a little disappointing as I love interacting with people. I hope I get to do this more often while the blog is growing.

During May two more people subscribed. This brings the total amount of subscribers up to 12. Seeing this number going up slowly is very rewarding. I can’t wait for the day it hits 100!

You will be able to find an overview of the most important monthly numbers on the Entrepreneurship page.

Do you want any other information or numbers about the performance of the blog? Do not hesitate to ask me!

Blog updates

I didn’t do a lot of changes when it comes to the looks of the blog. I’m still trying to keep my posting schedule which is every Friday (Portfolio- and Blog Updates are separate from this schedule). I am noticing that my organic traffic (for example google searches) keeps growing. This is the most rewarding in my opinion, seeing that people are finding my content just by looking something up is very cool!

As you can see in the image above, when I started this blog in December, no-one stumbled across my website while using a search engine. All the traffic I got back then was from me ‘promoting’ my website while trying to help out fellow starting investors. Right now, most of the traffic I get is organic. So, as long as this graph keeps going up, my blog will keep on growing.

I am also trying to optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on my blog to see if I can get more Organic Searches quicker. Let’s see whether that will work!

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