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In the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new project I’m going to undertake. Finally, the website is done and I also registered my business. This means that I can actually start and try to get clients. I’m offering web design services. Later on, I want to start doing ad campaigns as well.


The name of my website is ‘IkBouwJouwWebsite‘. This translates to ‘I build your website‘ in English. Unfortunately, the site is only in Dutch right now, but if you want to check it out, you can take a look at it here! Since I’m still new in the business and this is the first time I’m undertaking something like this, I am trying to keep my prices very low compared to the competition. I can always raise the prices if I would get too many customers by any chance.

Since I’m still working full time I could start this business as my ‘second occupation‘. This means I have some benefits when it comes to costs like social security. I also chose to not be ‘VAT liable’. This means I don’t have to charge VAT but I also can’t get the VAT back when I buy something for the business. I should not have too many costs since I’m an online business so this should be advantageous as well. The costs of starting my business were around €150

Getting clients

Right now, I’ve set up an ad campaign on Google with a budget of around €100 per month. Compared to others this isn’t a very big budget but we will see where it gets me. Even if I only get one client every 3 months in the beginning, that should mean that I’m doing a little better than breaking even.

I could always start writing potential clients when I notice ad campaigns are not doing it for me. But this is something I am not really comfortable with at the moment so I’m trying to put that off. I guess I could learn some better sales skills!

I also think that my blog could be a way of getting clients as well. You never know, right? I’m reaching a couple of hundred people every month through this platform. So, maybe this could get the ball rolling! A little self-promotion could never hurt.


This is still an investing blog and right now I’m also investing In my own business. So, I will probably start a series where I will post the financials of my business every month. Right now I’m at a negative €150! Let’s hope this gets better in the future!


I’m very excited to start this new journey, but I’m a little nervous as well. What if it doesn’t work out? Only time will tell. I am not putting myself in a bad place financially by undertaking this new project. This means that I can potentially gain a lot and my risk is very small. Not a bad investment decision if you ask me!

Oh yeah, before I forget! Contact me if you, or someone you know, needs a website! See, I’m becoming a salesperson already.

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