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May 2020

Portfolio Update – May 2020

This month was nothing super crazy portfolio wise. I stuck to my plan as I should, so we keep on investing! A lot of people are scared of a second big drop in the stock market though. I don’t think that should be a reason to stand on the sidelines. I think consistency is key when it comes to (passive) investing, so that is what I’ll keep on doing! Don’t… Read More »Portfolio Update – May 2020

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing

Good day everyone! Are you thinking about investing? Have you just started? These are some questions you should ask yourself before investing your hard-earned money! What is my investing time horizon? Are you investing for the short-, medium- or long-term? This is something you will have to think about. I will always advocate for long term investing since you can not really know what most investments will do in the… Read More »Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing

Blog Update – April 2020

Hello to you all. I’m finally here with the most important blog related numbers for the month of April. I hope all of you are still doing well. Let’s get into it! The numbers In April I got 408 unique visitors of which 368 were new users. The number of sessions (aka website visits) I got was 646. This means that some users came to my website more than once for an average of 1.58 sessions… Read More »Blog Update – April 2020

What Does the Bitcoin Halving Mean

Good day, my fellow investing enthusiasts. Today I want to talk about an important occurrence in the cryptocurrency space. The Bitcoin halving event. This will be the third time that bitcoin will undergo this special occasion so let me try to enlighten you about the implications that come with it! When? Bitcoin is scheduled to have its third halving in a couple of days. So-called miners verify bitcoin transactions by… Read More »What Does the Bitcoin Halving Mean


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