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Blog Update – April 2020

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Hello to you all. I’m finally here with the most important blog related numbers for the month of April. I hope all of you are still doing well. Let’s get into it!

The numbers

In April I got 408 unique visitors of which 368 were new users. The number of sessions (aka website visits) I got was 646. This means that some users came to my website more than once for an average of 1.58 sessions per user

These numbers a bit down in comparison to previous months. April was the first month where I did not share my site nor any blog post on places like Reddit. This also means that these are the raw numbers my blog is able to generate all by itself, which of course is a nice thing to know. The next thing to see is whether we can hold these numbers and maybe try to get them up in the months to come!

The amount of single-page views I got comes down to 1344. This means that the average user visits 2.08 pages on my website before leaving. 

In comparison to last months, the number of single-page views obviously went down as well. The average amount of pages any given visitor checks out before leaving did go up a bit! Which is a good thing!

The time spend on my blog for each user still stays around 2 minutes. This does not differ a lot over the months.

The last important number is the Bounce Rate. This percentage lets you know the number of times people leave after only seeing one page. The lower this number gets, the better. This month the bounce rate of my blog was a little lower than 70%.

Single page views

This numbers still speak mostly for themselves. My best performing post is still The perfect ETF portfolio followed by Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs. My home page and my actual Portfolio are still popular as well!. 

Blog posts and interactions

Here are the numbers showing my output and the interactions I get on my blog posts. The number of posts I made in April came to a total of 3. I must say that I am a bit disappointed in myself. Sitting inside all day made me far less productive. I’m trying to turn this around in May. I made a commitment to myself to have a post ready every Friday. The next step I want to take is not including my Portfolio- and Blog Updates in these weekly posts. This means I want to have a post every Friday, but also a Portfolio Update at the end of the month and a Blog Update at the beginning of the following month.

Let’s see how many people commented! I’m counting all comments. This also includes me answering to the comments. The total amount of comments this month was 21. Which brings the total to 92.

During April two more people subscribed. This brings the total amount of subscribers up to 10

You will be able to find an overview of the most important monthly numbers on the Entrepreneurship page.

Do you want any other information or numbers about the performance of the blog? Do not hesitate to ask me!

Blog updates

I can’t really remember whether I still did it in April or if it was May already, but I made some changes to the layout of the blog. The contact form is now gone from my Home page. You can still contact me by going to the new contact page, which can be found in the menu bar above. 

As you can see the menu bar itself got an update as well. The different blogging categories/interests can now be found under the same drop-down menu. You can also find a subscribe button at the top so people can more easily subscribe now. Whether this will convert in more subscribers is to be seen in the next months!

Another change I did was to the email notification subscribers get when I upload a new article. It looks cleaner than the last one in my opinion. You can check it out for yourself by using my brand new subscribe button at the top!

Thanks for reading!

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