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Stock Market

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing

Good day everyone! Are you thinking about investing? Have you just started? These are some questions you should ask yourself before investing your hard-earned money! What is my investing time horizon? Are you investing for the short-, medium- or long-term? This is something you will have to think about. I will always advocate for long term investing since you can not really know what most investments will do in the… Read More »Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing

What To Do During a Market Downturn

The last couple of days, even weeks, have not been a pleasant ride at all. The Corona virus outbreak has impacted the financial market. Supply chains got interrupted due to factories being closed. Big companies like Apple and Microsoft have already announced that their first quarter results will be impacted. Oil is down drastically as well because of demand plunging. Russia and Saudi Arabia have started a price war as… Read More »What To Do During a Market Downturn

What is an ETF

What is an ETF

You have probably heard about stocks and the stock market. Maybe you are thinking about investing yourself and you came across the term ETF. Are you not sure about what an ETF exactly is? Let’s find out! ETF ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. Such a fund is a type of security that is made up of other securities. An example of such security is a stock. An Exchange Traded… Read More »What is an ETF

Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Let’s take a look at the difference between accumulating and distributing ETFs together with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Deciding which one you should pick will depend on your own preference but it is very likely that the tax situation in your country will have a high impact on the decision-making process. Let’s understand why! Accumulating ETFs You should be able to recognize accumulating ETFs when the name of… Read More »Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Investing vs Saving for Your (Grand)Child

This was something that I started thinking about not to long ago. People close to me recently got a child and were telling me that they saved €25 each month for the newborn. In this post I will show you the difference between just putting this money in a savings account or investing it in a simple ETF portfolio which frankly is just as easy in my opinion. Savings account… Read More »Investing vs Saving for Your (Grand)Child

best etf portfolio

The Best ETF Portfolio

Hello everyone. I will show the ETF portfolio that I want to build over time. In my eyes, the purpose of an ETF portfolio is that it needs to be simple. This is also its main strength. You don’t have to spend hours and hours researching different companies and you’ll probably beat most of the investors that do! If you are not really sure about what an ETF is exactly… Read More »The Best ETF Portfolio


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