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P2P Lending

My P2P Lending Investment Status

Good day investing youngsters (and, of course, maybe not so youngsters)! Today I’m going to give a further update on my P2P investing portfolio and its status. I’ve talked about it before, but I have decided to stop investing in P2P lending. You can read about the reasons why in this post, if you are interested. P2P Investments At its height, my P2P lending investment portfolio contained almost €1000. I… Read More »My P2P Lending Investment Status

P2P Lending Update – I’ve Decided to Stop

Good day everyone. If you have read some of my posts already, you know that I always try to be as transparent as possible. I’m writing this post for exactly that reason. Once I make an investment decision I’ll try to put it up here. Let’s cut to the chase: I decided to completely stop with P2P Lending investing. Reasons The crisis that is currently going on in the world… Read More »P2P Lending Update – I’ve Decided to Stop

P2P Lending Update During These Difficult Times

Hello, Investing Youngsters and Investing ‘not-that-youngsters’! Let me start by saying that these are difficult times in which I hope you and your family are doing okay. The next couple of weeks, months or even years will probably not be the best humankind has seen. That being said, we WILL get through this, it just won’t be easy. I’m going to give an update on my P2P Lending portfolio. This,… Read More »P2P Lending Update During These Difficult Times

The Best Auto Invest Strategy on Mintos

In this post I am going to show you my auto invest strategy. I think that by using this strategy you will get the best diversification which will diminish your risk exposure. The more diversified you are across good loan originators the less it will hurt when one of the lending companies would default. You’ll first have to start by selecting the loan originators you want to invest in. I… Read More »The Best Auto Invest Strategy on Mintos

The Best Loan Originators on Mintos

Hello, in this post I will be going through my rules when picking loan originators. With this I want to lessen the risks I am exposed to while still retaining the high returns. Of course we still want a decent list of companies since diversification is a big part of de-risking the portfolio. I will try and keep my list up to date as regularly as possible! LAST UPDATE: 15/01/2020… Read More »The Best Loan Originators on Mintos


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