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Portfolio Update – December 2019

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Hello, this is my portfolio update for the month of December. At the moment I normally get payed at the end of the month. I try to send out my hard earned money to the different investment platforms right away so I can put my money to work as soon as possible. For this reason I will always give a portfolio update before the month is actually over. My investments for the month of January will start now as well and otherwise they would show in the numbers of this month.

Don’t forget that you can always find an up to date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page.

Monthly Cashflow

My Income, savings and expenses stayed the same as last month, for now. I’ve got promoted at work so hopefully next year I will be able so save and invest even more!

Portfolio Allocation

This is my portfolio allocation at the end of December 2019. I will always check if I reached my saving and investment targets (as seen by the ‘OK’ / ‘NOT OK’ below as well as the changes in value of my investments.

  • cash: Saved €700 – OK
  • Stocks: Invested €600 + €43.97 appreciation – OK
  • Crypto: Invested €100 + €76 depreciation – OK
  • P2P: Invested €150 + €3.07 appreciation – OK


As you can see, I’ve reached my targets for this month once again! My stock portfolio gained some value over the course of this month which was nice. My crypto portfolio lost some value but what can you do? I’ll keep buying on the way down and lets hope things turn around soon! I’ve also gained more than €3 in interests from my P2P Lending investments which I think is quiet nice after only 3 months. I’ll be at my 10€ target quiet soon this way.

Again, thank you for so much for reading, this was not a bad month at all and I can’t wait to see where everything will go in the months ahead!

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4 years ago

Hey! I recently found your blog. And although I’m Belgian myself, I’ll restrain from speaking Dutch for the broader audiances.

I’m young myself as well and looking to invest too. I do have a few questions for you. Your portfolio seems interesting and makes sense with the low expenses you have, being able to save almost 75% of your wage.

Because of this, I assume you still live at home with your family and are lucky enough not to pay anything to stay there (I too still live at home but have to pay 400€ to live at home)

How do you plan on changing you strategy once you your life changes these aspects? Car payments. Finding your own place to live?

I’m interested to know whether you’d sell your positions in the market (both traditional and crypto) or if you’re planning on continueing to build a cash saving account for that time.

Really interesting blog, and thank God I found someone my age range, with knowledge, who is also a Belgian. I also am in the same field of work as you, IT.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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