Portfolio Update – November 2020

Portfolio Update November 2020

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What. A. Month. This was my best month yet. Both cryptocurrencies and the stock market did very well. If every month would be like this I would retire by age 26! Let’s dive into my portfolio update for November 2020.

Don’t forget that you can always find an up-to-date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page.

Portfolio overview

Portfolio Update November 2020

Apparently, the stock market doesn’t care about this second lock-down. I think my stock/ETF-portfolio went up around 10% this month. I haven’t bought any more single stocks. Last time I had some ‘extra money’ with which I decided to try it out. As you can see it wasn’t the worst decision. This month’s money was a little tighter so I couldn’t ‘play’!

Cryptocurrencies went totally nuts. Bitcoin is at/near all-time highs. There was a lot of momentum this month which made me my best monthly gains until now. I have had some crazy days where my portfolio swung €1000-€2000 in one day. Both up and down.

I removed the P2P lending part from my portfolio since it is -as good as- all cashed out now.

Monthly Cash-flow

My monthly cash-flow is still the same this month. I only managed to save €1700 instead of €1800. I had a dentist bill of €170 which caused this! This month I decided to save more cash and invest less in the stock market. I am currently looking at possible real estate investments with 2 friends/partners for which I’ll need a little more cash.

Portfolio Update November 2020

Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio Update November 2020
  • Cash: Saved €1300
  • Stocks: Invested €300 – €1425.00 appreciation (!)
  • Crypto: Invested €100 – €4075.06 appreciation (!!!)

Last month I was speculating about reaching €50.000 net worth in 2020. I said that I would need quite a lot of upwards momentum in my investments. Here we are, one month later and the goal is crushed! Keep in mind that I could very well be below €50.000 again before the end of 2020 but I’ve officially seen the number now which was beyond my expectations!

My portfolio appreciated around €5.000 which is just sick. This is a lot of money and I can almost not comprehend what happened. Let’s see what next month will bring. I don’t think it can be better than November!


This was it again for my portfolio update of November 2020. I hope your month was as good as mine was. If you want to tell me about it, please do in the comments below. I always like talking about investing or money in general!

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Marc Moore
9 months ago

Good to see your investments paid off, and it was a nice month indeed 😉

9 months ago

How much cash you feel comfortable keeping in your degiro account and or how much total in stocks do you feel comfortable with? Is there any risk of you losing what you have in your account or is it guaranteed by degiro? Thanks

8 months ago

Hey there Michael! I’d like to ask you what does the “AC” column stand for and in what way it differes from the “Price” one 🙂 Thank you and congrats on the great blog you’ve been building overtime!