Portfolio Update – June 2021

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Portfolio Update June 2021

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Hello, investing enthusiasts. Once again another month has passed and I am here again with my portfolio update for June 2021. Portfolio-wise, this was not the greatest month. Last month was my first red month ever and we followed it up with another one. Luckily, this time was not as bad. I also enjoyed a 2-week vacation in June which was very needed. Let’s get started!

Don’t forget that you can always find an up-to-date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page.

Portfolio overview

Portfolio overview

Last month was just plain painful. June was still a red month (-€3000) but it was much slower and not as hectic. My ETF portfolio actually did pretty great this month with a gain of around €1000. As of this month, I also have invested a total amount of €20.000 in ETFs which is a pretty nice milestone.

The cryptocurrency side of my portfolio did not have an equally good month, unfortunately. Bitcoin and most other altcoins were still bleeding. I have a feeling that the worst times are behind us though. Keep in mind that I don’t mean that the rocket ship goes straight up from here but I think there is potential for a slow climb back up.

With cryptocurrencies declining the 3 parts of my portfolio (cash, stocks & crypto) have a much closer allocation right now. Before the crash, I was almost getting uncomfortable with cryptocurrencies being more than 50% of my portfolio at some point. It is still around 36% at this point which I would never recommend to a beginner investor, but I am fine with taking the risk.

Monthly Cash-flow

My monthly cash flow is still the same. Due to a 2 week vacation this month I saved and invested a bit less. I still managed to invest €1000 in ETFs. My cash position only increased by €500 and cryptocurrencies saw no extra investment this month.

Portfolio Update November 2020

Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio allocation
  • Cash: Saved €500 (A bit less due to holidays)
  • Stocks: Invested €1000 – €1000.69 appreciation
  • Crypto: Invested €0 – €5541.86 depreciation (!!)

As mentioned before, my ETFs performed pretty well as you can see. The stocks pile of my portfolio is slowly but steadily getting a decent amount of money. We passed a quarter of €100.000! 

Cryptocurrencies did much worse but luckily not as bad as last month. Let’s hope a reversal is in the cards pretty soon. Unfortunately, only time will tell.


This was it for my portfolio update of June 2021. I believe the worst part is behind us for now. Hopefully, next month will be green once again!

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Huge Boss
Huge Boss
4 months ago

Hi, where do you live? I am kind of confused. I don’t see any expenses for housing/rent/electricity etc. These usually make a significant part of the expenses.