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Portfolio Update – January 2022

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Portfolio Update January 2022

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Wait?! what?! The first month of 2022 is already over?! Hello everyone, could someone please slow down time? I am back at it again with my portfolio update for January 2022. The first few weeks of this year were packed with a lot of stuff. I started my new job a couple of weeks ago. I got my first Microsoft certificate. I joined forces with a friend/partner for my small web design side hustle. I visited quite a lot of apartments in search of an investment opportunity. Aaaaand I did NOTHING for the Investing Youngster blog. Please tell me how disappointed you are!

I am still looking for the best way to work efficiently on all the projects that I want to do. If anyone has some tips for me on that front, do not hesitate to forward them to me. That being said, enough about my personal life, let’s get into the portfolio numbers!

Don’t forget that you can always find an up-to-date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page.

Portfolio overview

Portfolio overview

As you can see, the first month of 2022 has not treated me very well. Last month, my portfolio was around €105.000. Right now we are at €96.000. This not only means that I ‘lost’ close to €10.000. We are also back under the €100.000 mark. We have not been below this number since July of last year. To be completely honest, I hoped that this would never be the case again. I was already dreaming of €200.000 at some point but no one said that getting rich was easy!

Not only did my crypto portfolio go down by almost €9000 but also my ETFs lost more than €1000 of their combined value. In short, January was not a great success. A lot of talks about interest rate hikes in 2022 have scared investors. As of right now, I don’t think that 2022 will be the greatest year for financial markets in general. I am no expert by any means so don’t base your decisions on my beliefs!

Monthly Cash-flow

Nothing changed to my cash flow over the last month. In the next screenshot, you can find my income, savings, and investments, as well as expenses for every month.

I will probably make some changes to the screenshot below as of next month since February will be my first full month at my current job.

Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio allocation
  • Cash: Saved €60
  • Stocks: Invested €0 – 1 156.82 depreciation
  • Crypto: Invested €0 – €8 527.18 depreciation (!!)

I only managed to save €60 this month. I went on a short ski and also bought a new smartphone. This together with quite large depreciations in both stocks and crypto made January a very bad start to the year. I hope to get my savings account back to €10.000 as soon as possible. The plan is to do this before the summer months. Hopefully, I don’t have a lot of unforeseen costs!


My portfolio only went down in the last three to four months. The only thing that I can do is try to get back on track with my regular savings and investments. I have been working a lot in January on all my different projects. Unfortunately, the blog has been slacking once again. I plan to make a decent upload schedule as soon as possible. Probably by reserving time slots in my calendar specifically for this.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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