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Portfolio Update – December 2021

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Portfolio Update December 2021

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Hi everyone, first and foremost a happy new year to you all. I hope that everyone had some great holidays and I wish you all the best for 2022. Personally, I can not believe how fast 2021 went by. I must be getting older because the years seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I am a bit late with this portfolio update for December 2021. I have had some hectic weeks. Together with two partners, I started a company to buy and sell real estate to hopefully make some pocket money while doing it. Another blog post in the future will maybe go a little bit more in-depth about this exciting (for me) topic. I also want to invest more time into my blog again. I have been slacking for the past few months but I want to try to flip things around.

I will also start a new job as of next Monday. Like I’ve said before; HECTIC WEEKS!! I will be working as a data analyst. A job in which I, hopefully, get to play around with a lot of charts and numbers.

This intro has been long enough. Let’s get into how rich or poor I have become over the last month of 2021!

Don’t forget that you can always find an up-to-date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page.

Portfolio overview

Portfolio overview

At the start of 2022, my portfolio stands at around €105.000, which means I have ‘lost’ around €13.000 over the past few weeks. This could easily be one of the worst months I have had so far (financially). Luckily I am doing better mentally which is more important, of course! I have been investing for almost 2 years now and the swings don’t really get to me anymore. Spending €20 in a store is a big deal. My portfolio going down €13.000 is ‘nothing’!

As you can see in my ‘cash holding’, there is a new entry. As I have mentioned before, I recently started a company with two partners. For now, I will keep my share of the value of that company in the cash holdings category. I will probably update the amount a couple of times every year because it will obviously fluctuate a lot, which makes it difficult to track exactly in real-time. If the company has some good results and we start to build a small real estate portfolio, then I will probably create a separate real estate category in which I will put the value.

My ETF portfolio stayed pretty stable this month, as it should during normal times. Cryptocurrencies were a totally different story, as usual. I do still believe that 2022 will be a good year for crypto. I don’t think that the bull market has ended but a lot will also depend on government regulations and the stimulation of central banks. Long-term, cryptocurrencies are still here to stay and I do believe that bitcoin could be $3-4-5-600k in 5-10 years.

Monthly Cash-flow

Nothing changed to my cash flow over the last month. In the next screenshot, you can find my income, savings, and investments, as well as expenses for every month.

As of next week, I will start a new job. Pay will not be much different but I will start to focus a bit more on my expenses. Last few months I spend too much money too easily. I need to get myself back on track.

Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio allocation
  • Cash: Saved €3025
  • Stocks: Invested €0 – €369.32 appreciation
  • Crypto: Invested €0 – €15 663.55 depreciation (!!)

As you can see, I managed to save a pretty decent amount of money. I need to rebuild my savings account to at least €10.000 before I’ll start to invest at full speed again. A big enough cash buffer is always important for when times get tough out of nowhere.

The crypto part of my portfolio saw a big dip while stocks were pretty stable. I do believe that this could be a good time to start buying crypto again. For me, it is still a very big part of my total portfolio (~40%). For this reason, I can not justify buying big amounts.


This was my portfolio update for December 2021. It was a crazy year all together which went by way too fast. Perhaps I’ll make another portfolio post that will show the bigger picture of 2021 as a whole. I know this portfolio update was a bit longer, thanks a lot if you stuck it out until the end. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any comments or requests!

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2 years ago

Happy new year and congrats on the new job 🙂
Looking forward on an update about your real estate adventure

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