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Portfolio Update – April 2021

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Portfolio Update April 2021

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A few days late but I am back once again. I am very busy at work lately which makes it very difficult to keep the blog up to date, unfortunately. I hope I can get back to it more regularly sooner than later. Let’s take a look at my portfolio update for April 2021!

Don’t forget that you can always find an up-to-date overview of all the ‘numbers’ in my portfolio on the My Portfolio page.

Portfolio overview

Portfolio overview

I thought this would be my first negative month ever for the first 3 weeks of April. The cryptocurrency markets saw a decent correction and I was down by a couple of thousand euros compared to last month for a long time. Fortunately, the last few days were very good. Even though Bitcoin is still down a bit compared to last month’s closing price, Ethereum has been performing enormously well. 

I can already smell the next milestone in my portfolio which is €100.000. I have been very fortunate the last few months. In 2020 I was dreaming about reaching €50.000 before the end of the year. Four months have passed in 2021 and I can already dream about €100.000! Let’s not get over-excited and only celebrate when we are there.

Monthly Cash-flow

My monthly cash flow is still the same. Again I saved a bit more cash because of real estate plans that get more final every month. I also managed to invest €200 in cryptocurrencies instead of €100. 

Portfolio Update November 2020

Portfolio Allocation

Portfolio allocation
  • Cash: Saved €1500
  • Stocks: Invested €500 – €321.67 appreciation
  • Crypto: Invested €200 – €4755.08 appreciation (!)

The ETFs in my portfolio are still doing what they are supposed to do. Slow and steady gains are what I expect and that is exactly what they are giving me right now. I really can’t complain here. As you can see, cryptocurrencies are becoming a very big part of my portfolio. What would you do in my shoes? Would you sell some crypto or continue to ride out the swings? I know which choice I made! 🙂

I really thought this month would be my first red month. The complete opposite is true. It is not the best month I have had but also not the worst by far either. And this all changed in the last week of April. Not even 10 days ago my net worth was in the low €80.000’s. Right now I am close to one hundred thousand. That just shows you how big the swings are!


This was it for my portfolio update of April 2021. This year continues to be outstanding. I can only hope my portfolio keeps performing the way it does. I am already curious where I’ll be at the end of 2021!

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