Make Recurring Orders on Coinbase Without High Fees

recurring orders on Coinbase

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Are you looking for a way to automatically setup recurring buy orders on Coinbase Pro because you do not want to pay the high fees of recurring buy orders on the main Coinbase platform? You want to periodically buy your cryptocurrencies so you don’t have to think about it? This guide will help you out in no time! Absolutely NO costs or subscriptions required.

If you don’t know about Coinbase Pro and you are still buying your bitcoin or other currencies directly on the Coinbase platform than please give it a quick google search because you are throwing money down the drain!

This is also no sponsored post. I’m not getting paid nor am I getting any advantages writing about this!

Lets get started!

Let me show you how I am buying €10 worth of bitcoin every three days. The first thing you need to do is go and register a new account. This should be quick and easy, and will only take 2 minutes. After you’re done registering go to your Coinbase Pro account and generate a new API Key with view and trade permissions. Transfer permissions are optional but not needed.
Make recurring orders on Coinbase without high fees
Make recurring orders on Coinbase without high fees
Make sure you copy the passphrase to a temporary file somewhere we will need it later!
Make recurring orders on Coinbase without high fees

Now create your API key. You’ll have to put in your 2-factor authentication key. If you are not using 2-factor authentication set it up as soon as possible! Now you will see your API Secret. This should be copied to your temporary file as well since you will not see it again.

recurring orders on Coinbase

After this is done your API Key should be created. We will need this key as well!

Make recurring orders on Coinbase without high fees
Okay, the hardest part is over now. All we have to do now is enter the API Key, API key secret and Key passphrase add the bottom of your profile on
recurring orders on Coinbase

Let’s do the last and most fun part now! All we need to do is create a buy plan. You’ll have to choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are available options). Choose with which fiat currency you want to pay (EUR or USD). Choose the size you want to purchase each day. Keep in mind that the minimum amount is €10/$10. If you say you want to buy €1 or $1 each day it will buy €10/$10 every 10 days instead of buying €1/$1 each day. The last choice you have to make is whether you want to do a market or limit order. I recommend to picking market order. This way you are certain your order will get filled.

recurring orders on Coinbase

We are done. All you have to do is make sure that there is actual fiat on your Coinbase Pro platform after which you can sit back and relax.

Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Make Recurring Orders on Coinbase Without High Fees”

    1. Hello Vin,

      I’m using it myself for a couple of months now and there are no extra costs involved!


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing a link to my site. It is, indeed, free – the costs to me are minimal. I built this to solve my own problem, and thought it might solve a problem for other people. Seeing the number of users go up, and knowing i’m helping more people get into bitcoin, is far more rewarding to me than the tiny amount I might be able to charge people for this service.

    1. Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the comment and a BIG thanks for making such a cool tool for free!
      Dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin is super easy this way!

      Keep up the good work!


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