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Market Orders vs Limit Orders
Stock Market

Market Orders vs Limit Orders

Market orders vs limit orders. Whether you are buying or selling stocks, cryptocurrencies, or maybe even other investment vehicles, chances are that you came across

Portfolio Update July 2020

Portfolio Update – July 2020

Hello, fellow investing enthusiasts. Another month has passed and I am back at it again with another portfolio update for July 2020. It was a

about Me.

Hello. My name is Michiel and I am a 23-year-old human being living in Belgium, Europe. After some wild college years of studying IT and spending all my money while partying, I finally started working full time in March of 2019 as a Business/IT consultant. 

In 2018 I decided that it was time to start saving instead of spending everything (EVERYTHING!!) I earned, working student jobs at the time. Since I started working full time I am also doing a decent job at budgeting my expenses and therefore saving and investing as much money as I can. While also enjoying the occasional drink with friends!

On this blog, I will document my investing and financial journey. This way I am able to track my progress over time and maybe help other people out who are on the same voyage as me. This also means that you will find details here about every cent I earn, which I hope you can appreciate.

Keep in mind that I, myself, am not a financial professional by any means. If you come across something on my blog that is not correct, feel free to get in touch with me. I am here to learn as much as you are!


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Stock Market

Maybe the most well known way of investing your money. Find my blog posts about the stock market here!

P2P Lending

A newer way of investing which can maybe provides steady returns? All you need to know about P2P lending!


Aha, I can hear you thinking already! Not this crap?! Well, keep an open mind and follow all my crypto-thoughts here!


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