The 3 Key Operational Risks Businesses Face

The 3 Key Operational Risks Businesses Face

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There are lots of risks that businesses face. There are financial, infrastructure, reputational, and marketplace risks that present the most challenges. The focus is often on the financial risk most of the time. However, one must not overlook the infrastructural risks we face, like the type that has been set at our feet due to the pandemic. These risks mainly impact our operations. Of course, supply chains were disrupted more than they have ever been in modern times and this should make every CEO and business owner sleep uneasy. Nobody was ready for it and risks that materialized in operations had a devastating impact on businesses; some even shut down. So let’s explore these 3 Key Operational Risks Businesses Face

IT disruption

For the majority of businesses, if their IT infrastructure is damaged their business is under a severe threat. With more and more weather disruptions causing harm to power grids, it’s a good idea to restructure your IT network to prevent power cuts from destroying your data. Cloud platforms are a must but also, keeping a version of your data on-site is also advisable. This can be done via private servers which are hooked to power generators in the event of an emergency. However on-site security is even more important than it was before. So good access control measures are required to keep unauthorized employees away from sensitive data.

Transport of commerce

Supply chains rely on some key dependencies. They include:

  • Regular fuel supply
  • Clear communication with transport authorities at borders, tunnels, ports, etc.
  • Good employee conditions to boost productivity and time management
  • Great equipment so inventory can be transported on time.
  • Brilliant managers who can divert and manage deliveries that are disrupted due to weather, politics, hazards, etc.

One of the most important factors is the fuel. On-site fuel storage for your freight vehicles is highly recommended so click here to see how you can do this. Large barrels can store fuel at your sites, so while inventory is being loaded into your freight vehicles, they can also be being fueled ready for the majority of the trip. 

Green risk

As greener policies are implemented, it’s vital that your business is operating within the set boundaries. You may have noticed that the G7 countries are all limiting their carbon output and one of the key focal points in business. Your business has to invest in the following:

  • Recycling on-site. Small things like plastic separation with the use of trash cans have to be mandatory in the office.
  • Working with eco-friendly suppliers, whether it’s for fuel, raw materials, or transport, you should select B2B clients who comply with green policies.
  • Investing in contemporary technology that is more efficient. One of the best examples is Ford investing in battery technology to catch up with Tesla.

A company’s operations are the movements it makes towards its goals. They are the area where tactical implementation of the overall strategy is done. Without efficient, effective, and productive operations, your strategy won’t be met. These were the 3 key operational risks businesses face, I hope that you have learned something!

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