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portfolio spreadsheet

My Portfolio Spreadsheet

Hello fellow investors, after enjoying a week of holidays I am back at it again with another post. This time I want to go over my investment/portfolio spreadsheet, since I got some questions about it. If you want to take a look at my actual spreadsheet you can check it out here! Main tab The main tab of my portfolio spreadsheet contains an overview of my actual investments. Here I… Read More »My Portfolio Spreadsheet

What if an ETF gets liquidated

What If an ETF gets Liquidated

I always talk about investing in ETFs and how a big fan I am. For me, passive investing is the way to go and studies show that most people will have the best returns by choosing this investment path. You can always check this post out if you want to know the difference between investing in ETFs or picking stocks. Today I want to talk about what happens when an… Read More »What If an ETF gets Liquidated

What Does the Bitcoin Halving Mean

Good day, my fellow investing enthusiasts. Today I want to talk about an important occurrence in the cryptocurrency space. The Bitcoin halving event. This will be the third time that bitcoin will undergo this special occasion so let me try to enlighten you about the implications that come with it! When? Bitcoin is scheduled to have its third halving in a couple of days. So-called miners verify bitcoin transactions by… Read More »What Does the Bitcoin Halving Mean

What is an ETF

What is an ETF

You have probably heard about stocks and the stock market. Maybe you are thinking about investing yourself and you came across the term ETF. Are you not sure about what an ETF exactly is? Let’s find out! ETF ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. Such a fund is a type of security that is made up of other securities. An example of such security is a stock. An Exchange Traded… Read More »What is an ETF

Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Let’s take a look at the difference between accumulating and distributing ETFs together with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Deciding which one you should pick will depend on your own preference but it is very likely that the tax situation in your country will have a high impact on the decision-making process. Let’s understand why! Accumulating ETFs You should be able to recognize accumulating ETFs when the name of… Read More »Accumulating vs Distributing ETFs

Make recurring crypto orders without high fees

Make Recurring Crypto Orders Without High Fees

Are you looking for a way to automatically set up recurring buy orders on Coinbase Pro (or Binance, Kraken, Coinmate) because you do not want to pay the high fees of recurring buy orders on the main Coinbase platform? You want to periodically buy your cryptocurrencies so you don’t have to think about it? This guide will help you out in no time! Absolutely NO costs or subscriptions required. If… Read More »Make Recurring Crypto Orders Without High Fees


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