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Because of the current circumstances, I decided to put my P2P Lending portfolio on hold. I’m currently slowly liquidating my positions and not reinvesting my paid back capital. The world is in a crisis right now and I rather sit as much on the sideline as possible in the P2P Lending space.

P2P Lending Portfolio
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P2P Lending Update

My P2P lending investment status

Good day investing youngsters (and, of course, maybe not so youngsters)! Today I’m going to give a further update on my P2P investing portfolio and

P2P Lending Update

P2P Lending Update during these difficult times

Hello, Investing Youngsters and Investing ‘not-that-youngsters’! Let me start by saying that these are difficult times in which I hope you and your family are


The best loan originators on Mintos

Hello, in this post I will be going through my rules when picking loan originators. With this I want to lessen the risks I am