How To Make Sure Your Customer Service Is On Point

How To Make Sure Your Customer Service Is On Point

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Let us face it, customers are the most important thing in any business. Without them, you simply wouldn’t survive. That is why it is important to regularly review the level of customer service you offer to make sure your customer service is on point. Regularly check if any improvements can be made and analyze how you are interacting with your customers. With the way the world is now, everyone expects almost instant responses including from businesses of any size. There are also a lot more ways to get in contact with businesses now so it is constantly checking all streams of communication. There are a lot of risks that businesses face as they grow. Making sure that your customer service doesn’t lack is an important part of business growth as well!

Social Media

Social media platforms are something you will want to take advantage of. These are one of the main ways now that customers interact with businesses they want to be involved with. Having a strong social media presence almost gives more legitimacy to the business from a customer’s point of view. Each platform also opens up a new communication method from customer to business and even business to business. On Instagram, a great tool to enhance your customer service is the engagement tools on stories. Instagram stories are daily posts that are only available for 24 hours. That is, unless you add them to a highlight on your home page, only important ones will need to be saved. With the engagement tools, you can use polls to your audience, a slider to gauge interest, and even ask questions directly to them with a response box. You can use all these different things to your advantage by way of market research, seeing what your customers already love from you and what they want to see from you.

You can also use social media to look at your insights and demographics. By assessing your demographics and working out that 80% of your audience is a certain age, gender, or in a certain location you can use this to alternate what kind of content you are putting out there so that it is interesting and appealing to them to encourage interaction and repeat business. Different social media platforms may have different focused demographics so it is certainly something to look into over each platform to see your main customer type and then work out the best way to interact with them.


How the customer experiences things like your website, social media, and purchasing from you from the start to finish process is something very important to understand. It helps you gain perspective on what things are easy or difficult and if there are any points of the experience that they have they may be deterring people from using you and going to your competitors. This is something that should be reviewed regularly and in the right way. Using certain tools could be beneficial in this process. That is why using a company like UserZoom which is able to gather, analyze, and then share the user and customer experience across your businesses can help you with how you manage your business and to put out products that your customers will love.


Self-reflection is also a great tool for you and your employees to use to help determine what level your customer service is and if and how it can be improved. When someone experiences bad customer service it is something they always remember, something they will tell people and can encourage others to stay away from your business. So thinking back on what bad customer experiences that you’ve had, how they should have been dealt with, and how they were dealt with can be very good to know and discuss, you can see if there are any similarities to the customer service you provide like long wait times or miscommunication from systems which need working on.

Happy Staff = Happy Customers

Another important thing about customer service and your employees is that most of the time, happy staff equals happy customers. If you have staff who enjoy coming to work, feel that they are heard and valued, and have a good employee and boss relationship you are much more likely to have a workforce who go above and beyond for you. Staff who enjoy work will want you to win, they will want the business to do well and they will also generally be happier, chirpier, and happier to help the customers. You still get the odd difficult customer but if you are already feeling good then you can deal with it in a better way. So employee satisfaction has a big correlation with customer satisfaction.

Something you can do to help this takes time out to chat to your staff, get to know them, do they have kids? What are they doing on the weekend and what drives them? Having regular catch-ups can also help assess how they are doing in your business and can give you a better scope on where they want to be. If they want to progress and help your business grow and succeed, spending time mentoring and helping this employee development will be beneficial for you and the business. Promoting from within should always be the first choice before looking to externally recruit. It shows your staff you are invested in their careers and future, that they aren’t just another number.


Another great way to gain vital information back from customers is by way of a survey. People aren’t always willing to do surveys as they can take a bit of time so offering a discount or freebie on their next purchase in return for filling in the survey can sweeten the deal. By putting your own survey out there you can ask specific questions you need the answer to, you can ask about good or bad service they have received from you and what you can do to improve. Customers want their voices to be heard and listening to them will only help your business grow.

So look to implement and try a few of these things and you will stand out from your competitors. Now you know to make sure that your customer service is on point!

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