Five In-Demand Careers Paths For a Post-COVID world

Five In-Demand Careers Paths For a Post-COVID world

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As another wave of the Coronavirus (and its many variants) threatens to disrupt the upcoming fall season, millions of people are either looking for a career change or while negotiating alternate working conditions.

While the German labor force appears to have outperformed many other European countries, post-pandemic job changes are inevitable for those who have come to terms with the idea of prioritizing happiness over income and are now less willing to compromise.

The factors driving this record-breaking labor trend vary from country to country and among generations. Younger workers have more leverage as they prioritize corporate culture, remote working arrangements, and benefits. Older workers are more likely to focus on finding a low-risk, low-contact environment that allows them to work safely and effectively while diversifying their income.

If you’re considering a post-pandemic career move, these insights into the most in-demand positions can be a great place to start your job search. 

IT Specialists / Consultants / Analysts

The IT field continues to grow at a record pace and offers the highly qualified labor force and those with advanced degrees an opportunity to earn above-average salaries. From start-up positions popular in the tech hub of Berlin to programmers and software developers in nearly all industries, the IT field is a prime opportunity for anyone who wants to work in STEM-related positions.


It’s no surprise that the country-wide shortage of doctors became a significant challenge amid the Coronavirus pandemic over the last 18 months. As one of the highest-paid professions in worldwide, the demand for medical doctors far outweighs the number of rising medical students

While a direct career change into the medical field may not feel realistic, those with lower-level medical degrees and experience might pursue additional education to take advantage of this high-demand career path.

Nurses and senior care workers are also facing a critical shortage, given the nature of healthcare requirements and circumstances surrounding COVID-19. With an aging population and uncertainty around the industry, this option is perfect for anyone considering a career change in the medical field. 


Almost all engineering majors are in high demand, mainly mechanical, automotive, and electrical. As a result, opportunities for skilled engineers are abundant among companies like BMW, Volkswagon, Samsung, and Sony.

Openings in more traditional vocation training programs and trades are also in high demand, with many companies competing for skilled workers. 

One industry experiencing rapid growth and demand is hot shot trucking. This line of truck driving focuses on quick deliveries, and tight deadlines are ideal for someone who wants to work on their own, have a flexible schedule, and minimize contact with others
The majority of these career options are easily explored online through various job sites and company websites. While there are multiple ways to locate hot shot trucking positions, some job boards compete with other hot shot companies more effectively than others. 

If you are from Germany and you’re ready for a career change, you’ll find plenty of resources on career training, education, and work-life balance at the Federal Employment Agency website. 

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