Blog Update – August 2020

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Blog Update

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Hello Everyone, I am FINALLY here with the blog update of August 2020. I know it is way overdue but I am trying to pick up the regular blog posts again. 

Blog updates

As you can possibly tell: I have been neglecting the blog for the last month and a half. I took some holidays at the end of the summer and never really got back to my schedule after that. This is also the reason why this blog update is more than a month late.

Let’s take a look at how the blog did in the weeks of my absence…

The numbers

The numbers
  • 810 unique visitors (-2 compared to July)
  • 754 new users (-16)
  • 1119 website visits (+27)
  • 2142 single-page views (-218)

As you can see the statistics went down globally. Although the difference is not much. August was mostly the same as July. It seems like the blog growth is stalling a bit. But again, I am struggling to put out new content… 

I hope I can pick up the pieces and get the blog to the next level as well!

Single page views

I still have my two ‘winner’ posts pulling in most of the traffic. Besides that, a lot of people have an interest in my portfolio as well, which I think is normal. I also like that some of my other posts are receiving some interest as well even though it is very limited compared to the top posts.

Blog posts and interactions

Here are the numbers showing my output and the interactions I get on my blog posts.

  • 5 new blog posts (+1 compared to July)
  • 20 new comments (-22)
  • 9 new subscribers (-1) –> 33 in total!

Both the new comments and new subscribers went down compared to last month. I still think
August was a very good month. I would be VERY happy if I could get around 10 new subscribers each month.

This was the blog update for August 2020. You can always find an overview of the most important monthly numbers on the Entrepreneurship page.

Do you want any other information or numbers about the performance of the blog? Do not hesitate to ask me!

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